Brisbane City Council has just released plans to turn Adelaide Street in the CBD into a modern and efficient transport hub. The 1.43 kilometer span of the historic street has been considered in the overall vision. This will include an underground tunnel entry into the much anticipated Brisbane Metro which will be operative in 2023. The Brisbane Lord Mayor, recognising changing community needs and the necessity to get residents home faster, has outlined the plan to adapt what is currently a century-old transit corridor.

The well-known street in the heart of the CBD continues to adapt in order to keep up with the changes of our dynamic city. Increased public transport and pedestrian activity within Brisbane has called for the streetscape to be included in plans, aligning with other significant developments occurring throughout the CBD. The re-developed Adelaide Street will feature a new park as well as streamlined bus stops with busses frequently stopping throughout the City to ease traffic amongst busy commuters. 

Artists Impression of Adelaide Street Vision. Image source: brisbane.qld.gov.au

The key driver for this new, aesthetically appealing vision is the $944 million Brisbane Metro which delivers a tunnel under Adelaide Street, to link King George Square Bus Station with North Quay. Passenger numbers to King George Square are projected to increase by 120 per cent which calls for the need to plan a desirable entry point to the city ahead of the high frequency of the Brisbane Metro.

Artists Impression of Adelaide Street Brisbane Metro Tunnel. Image source: brisbane.qld.gov.au

The holistic vision for Adelaide Street marks the top end, intersecting with George Street, as the initial focus over the next five years, mainly the Brisbane Metro Tunnel. The intention in highlighting that end of Adelaide Street as an entry point to the CBD is to showcase the rapidly changing city area of Brisbane as a compelling destination for enhanced lifestyle and leisure and to compliment the much anticipated $3.4 billion dollar Queens Warf Precinct.

The Adelaide Street Plan is a significant phase of the overall infrastructure development of Brisbane and South-east Queensland. Part of its transport plan over the next quarter century is to promote liveable streets with low traffic speeds, prioritizing public transport and safe access for both pedestrians and cyclists. In the CBD, green spaces are highlighted, along with exciting new developments in the arts provision with great retail opportunities as government and private enterprise cooperate to transform the region expected to attract many Australian and overseas visitors and prove enticing to state, national and international businesses. 

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