As part of my initiative for providing Brisbane with informed updates on infrastructure developments, I’m thrilled to present this captivating video sourced from the Queensland Government which illustrates a projection of Brisbane in 2025. This video incorporates 15 exciting projects commencing in the Inner City that are set to revolutionise Brisbane and improve liveability and desirability tenfold.

As a real estate agent with over 12 year’s experience, specialising in the Brisbane CBD, I take great pride in supplying firsthand, detailed insight into the exciting changes underway for Brisbane and subsequently, how it will affect the property market.  This 2 minute video that I have sourced, projects a vision of Brisbane as a new age city with the completion of these exciting projects that will transform the CBD into a world class business, tourism and entertainment precinct. These projects will act as an unprecedented catalyst for employment, economic and population growth making Brisbane a city of the future.

Source: Queensland Government

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