A $70 million investment upgrade of terminals along the Brisbane River is being planned by Brisbane City Council to transform one of the city’s busiest ferry terminals. The Council proposition is being lodged this week. It has finalised the proposed design to upgrade South Bank ferry terminals 1 and 2. The Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner believes it will deliver the best outcome for this premier tourist destination. The aim is to enhance accessibility to the terminals without impeding river views.

The plan is to deliver a modern transport public network both for the present and for a longer-term future. To this end, the existing fleet of ferries will be supplemented by seven double-decker CityCats. The first of these will be in action before the end of 2019. The upgrade is seen as essential to cater for the 5 million people who use the ferries or CityCat annually. It includes provision for parents with prams and those using wheelchairs. Ease of access for all is a key consideration.

The Council and Southbank Corporation have cooperated in both design planning and the development application which is to be lodged immediately. The two existing pontoons will be merged to provide one more inclusive larger pontoon with modern waiting area facilities. The current terminal has been operative since 1996 so an upgrade to the new dual-berth terminal is now deemed essential to cater for future CityHopper and CityCat services.

The proposed new terminal will replace an existing pontoon with a dual-berth design.
Source:Brisbane City Council

As the city of Brisbane grows and modernizes its river edge is increasingly becoming the site of amenities and facilities which offer great leisure and lifestyle opportunities. In addition to the upgraded ferry terminals there are access hubs to the river, various river walks and five new bridges. Another of these dramatic enhancements is the revealing of the final design for the Neville Bonner Bridge. It is named after the first Aboriginal politician – a Queenslander – to become a member of the Australian Federal parliament.

Thus it is that the beautifully designed new ferry terminal will further enhance the growing attractiveness of the river’s edge. The designs revealedwill make the Brisbane River edge an upliftingasset for both the visitors thisrapidly developing area increasingly attracts and the city’s residents. Plans to improve accessibility at the Guyatt Park are now operative, while maintenance work at South Bank 3 ferry terminal has been completed.The overriding aim is that, by 2022, with the upgrading of the terminals, Brisbane will be a better-connected, accessible and inclusive city with a public transport system which meets current and future demands and provides safe access for all passengers.

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